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The World in Green & Red (new EP)

Christmas is so near to my heart, and in the spirit of love this year, half the proceeds from not only this EP, but from all my music during the month of December, is going to families in need this Christmas. Ambient pads album included, as well as the two free projects, for those of you who are super kind and actually pay for them even though they are free. You know who you are, and I love you. In fact, when you feel strangely warm embraces in the middle of the night, that’s me hugging you with my mind. But I think this is going to become a tradition, to release this EP with maybe a couple new songs added each year, and to half half the proceeds from all music I have out go to folks who need it. Here’s the link to the album on Bandcamp:

So here’s a couple of the new songs. There are three original pieces, and three traditional songs (public domain) with new arrangements. And fair warning…I just kind of wrote what was in my heart without paying too much mind to style. So apologies to those of you looking strictly for the ambient genre; it’s a little different than that. But it was a joy to record it.

That one is very textural, and I actually like the sporadicness of it and how nothing seems to quite fit until about halfway through the piece. Kind of feels like a kid on Christmas, or maybe the first Christmas.

That one is actually just the camera mic for the audio, but it is the actual recorded take of ‘First Snow.’ What happened is that right at about the 3 minute mark, the camera fell off it’s secure perch leaning over the cabinet propped downward by The Joshua Tree book. But I was doing kinda good on the take (very few clunkers 😉 ), so I just kept going, and then turned the video into a quick promo for the EP a couple weeks ago. But that’s all the video of ‘First Snow’ that there is. lol

Okay, this next one is very much not ambient. Sorry. It’s like Ireland with a faux choir and about 37 layered guitar tracks. I kind of like it though. 🙂 The World in Green & Red by Karl Verkade

There is also a version of ‘I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day’ on this project, and that song is really the heart of Christmas for me. The lyrics are a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, written on Christmas Day, after his wife had passed, and he had just received a letter that his son had died in the war. It’s a very emotional piece, and when looked at the lyrics in the light they were written, with the conclusion Longfellow comes to, it’s a very emotional song for me.

So once again, if you’d like to get the EP:

Lastly, a little one take with the Prairiewood:


Songs From the Last Couple Months

Well, looks like I’ve been totally neglecting this site in favor of my Facebook Music Page. Heresy, I know. That’s pretty much like feeding Skynet. But anyway, here’s some music from the last couple months. Not sure if these will go on an album or a second Collections EP.

And for something a little different…trying to win that contest…which I didn’t:

As always, thank you so much for listening.


New EP…and it’s Free!

Hey everyone, new EP was just released. It’s got a couple songs from two compilations I wrote for in the past couple months, and some new ones. It’s totally free…just enter ‘zero’ into the little table on Bandcamp after you click ‘Buy.’ It’s free because I love you…but also, to hopefully spread the word a bit. So if you want to click the little ‘Like’ button under the album cover on Bandcamp, or ‘Like’ my Facebook Music page, well then there may just be more free love music in the future.

Live-looped lead track:

Re-recorded and re-mixed closing track. I was never happy with the version I sent to the Hope for Japan compilation, so I re-did it a little, and I think this one is better:

Thanks, everyone!


New Song to Benefit Joplin

Check out Hope for Joplin to see how you can help!

Studio version is the same as the live version, but with certain passages dubbed over and tracked separately in order to spread the mix more:

And the single track live looped version:



New Song, New Story, New Artform & a Thank You

New project available for free download! This is a thank you to everyone who has been so supportive over the last couple months as I’ve start off on this music venture. The project is something a little bit new, and as such, I’m not sure whether it will catch on. But it’s both a short story e-book, as well as an mp3 soundtrack written specifically for the story. The idea would be that you read and listen to both at the same time, with a good pair of headphones, and get taken to some other place. Neither the story nor the song were meant to stand alone; they were written together as one piece.

So we’ll see where this goes, or doesn’t go. But in the meantime, it’s free! So check out these promo videos for it, and then download it below if you like, as a thank you for the support for the music and the recent album.

The first promo here is the full song, with pieces of the short story appearing from time to time. The second is mostly me improvising some melodic ideas that became the structure for the soundtrack; that one’s for you guitar folk out there.

Soundtracks & Stories I: She Ran
Free Download at Bandcamp

Click the link above for the free download. Thank you so much, everyone!

And if you happen to think about it, please like my facebook page, and the new project on Bandcamp. That’d help me out a ton!


Hope for Japan Compilation & Album Winners Announced

Okay, three things!

1) Alright, first things first! Thank you all for the support in liking my new Facebook page. The contest winners have been drawn out of of those folks, and here are the five winners of The Morning We Wake:

  • Brent Macdonald
  • Seth Whitney
  • Seiji Itaru Inruye
  • Steven Braun
  • Bryan Arri
If you’re on that list, check your facebook inbox for your free download code! Thanks again to everyone who liked the page! And if you haven’t yet, I’m going to be running contests like this all the time, as I’d really like to get the music out there and into people’s hands. So you can still like the page and show your support by clicking here.

2) Also, this has been all over Facebook, so apologies if it’s getting old, but it’s for a really good cause! I’m on a new ambient compilation called Hope for Japan, and all proceeds from the record go directly to the Red Cross to support the relief efforts for the people of Japan. You can donate and download here:

And here’s a small excerpt from the track I contributed:

This is a much more tender piece, written specifically with the Japanese people in mind who have lost loved ones. It’s also not going to appear anywhere else in its full version for the time being, to hopefully help promote sales of the compilation.

3) And lastly, I’ve got a new project that I’m putting the finishing touches on right now. I’m very excited about it, and it’s very different. So it may be awesome, and it may be terrible. Feel free to voice your opinions on that matter when it releases. haha 😉

Thanks again, everyone!


Five Free Album Giveaways This Week

Just like me on Facebook. Actually, you don’t even have to like me. Just click the ‘Like’ button below, and even if you lie, you’ll still be entered into the drawing to win one of 5 free albums. Like me brand new facebook page here! (Pirate talk.)

The winners will be chosen at random next Monday, contacted via Facebook, and given a download code for a free download of the album ‘The Morning We Wake‘ at Bandcamp. One week to enter…contest ends Monday, April 25th. Still not exactly sure what the response will continue to be for this ambient venture, but thus far it has been humbling and more than I expected. However, if only 5 people like the facebook page, then you all win! And if less than 5 do, than some of you get 2 albums! hehe

Karl Verkade Music on Facebook (<–Click here, and then click 'Like'.)

Thanks, everyone! Also…

I know it’s stupid at first. But just keep staring at it.


Working on Something New

Got something in the works that, as far as I know, is a new artistic medium; or at least a new twist on it. Should be coming out in the next couple weeks or so.

Also, a brand new song written specifically for the victims of the earthquake in Japan, is coming out on a compilation album later this month. I’ll keep you posted!

Again, thank you all entirely for your support.


Help Spread the Word

Hey, I just want to thank everyone who has bought the album, said kind words about the album, and encouraged me in this very odd endeavor. The response has been very humbling.

If you get a second, please like the album via the facebook link here at Bandcamp:

The Morning We Wake on Bandcamp

Even if you don’t buy the album, that’ll help ge the word out. Thanks, everyone!


New Album Available & Released

The new album is up and ready for download. It’s called ‘The Morning We Wake’, and I hope it brings you all the joy an ambient chorus of guitars can. Available at:

This is a dual album, with 14 tracks spanning 80 minutes, with all tracks available individually. With the purchase of the full album, you also get a second album; it’s the entire first album on one track, with extra compositions that modulate each song into the next for 80 minutes of non-stop music. It should be on iTunes shortly, but there are some timing issues (like, 80 minute songs, I think). Thus far, I am liking Bandcamp’s independent vibe.

Recorded simply, using vintage techniques. Meaning, no post-effects; everything you hear was exactly what came out of the amp. I’m experimenting with doing things this way. Gives it more of a ‘live’ or ‘in the room with you’ feel.

Thank you so much for your support. I understand that this isn’t the greatest thing ever, but it was recorded using delay, which just so happens to actually be the greatest thing ever. I don’t know what’s going to happen with this music, if anything. But if nothing else, it’s really kept me alive this past year.


Okay, okay…here’s the actual promo’s. Gotta keep a sense of humour about yourself. 😉