Hope for Japan Compilation & Album Winners Announced

Okay, three things!

1) Alright, first things first! Thank you all for the support in liking my new Facebook page. The contest winners have been drawn out of of those folks, and here are the five winners of The Morning We Wake:

  • Brent Macdonald
  • Seth Whitney
  • Seiji Itaru Inruye
  • Steven Braun
  • Bryan Arri
If you’re on that list, check your facebook inbox for your free download code! Thanks again to everyone who liked the page! And if you haven’t yet, I’m going to be running contests like this all the time, as I’d really like to get the music out there and into people’s hands. So you can still like the page and show your support by clicking here.

2) Also, this has been all over Facebook, so apologies if it’s getting old, but it’s for a really good cause! I’m on a new ambient compilation called Hope for Japan, and all proceeds from the record go directly to the Red Cross to support the relief efforts for the people of Japan. You can donate and download here:

And here’s a small excerpt from the track I contributed:

This is a much more tender piece, written specifically with the Japanese people in mind who have lost loved ones. It’s also not going to appear anywhere else in its full version for the time being, to hopefully help promote sales of the compilation.

3) And lastly, I’ve got a new project that I’m putting the finishing touches on right now. I’m very excited about it, and it’s very different. So it may be awesome, and it may be terrible. Feel free to voice your opinions on that matter when it releases. haha 😉

Thanks again, everyone!


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